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1-2-1 Guitar Lessons in Barry by Paul Gronow
RGT Member Guitar Teacher in Barry Vale of Glamorgan

Hello & welcome to Master Guitar Play, Home for online & local comprehensive, professional guitar lessons; my name is Paul Gronow, a qualified Guitar Teacher in Barry a Registry Of Guitar Tutors Member (RGT) & founder of Master Guitar Play STEP System.

If you or someone you care about are looking to learn guitar in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, then you’ll want someone who is a qualified teacher, has vast experience in studying, playing, recording performing & teaching guitar & guitar theory, to guitar students of all ages. Someone who has all the resources, knowledge, skills & expertise that’ll make the guitar journey as easy & enjoyable as possible.

Well if this sounds like a ‘learn guitar package’ that you want to get involved with & benefit from then please read on & learn how I, Paul Gronow Guitar Teacher in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan can help you learn guitar in Barry.  I’ve taught thousands of people to play their guitar during my long 40 years’ experience. So if you’re looking for a Guitar Teacher in Barry with a proven professional track record & the interpersonal skills that’ll help you develop amazing results in a very short time; then please read on & get in touch today.

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Paul Gronow Guitar Teacher in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

Unlock Your Guitar Potential With Paul Gronow

“40 Years Experience  Studying, Teaching & Playing Guitar”

I’m currently taking on 1-2-1 guitar students in Barry; so if you or someone you care about are looking for guitar lessons right now in Barry or the Vale of Glamorgan; please get in touch soon & check out if I still have available time slots that suit you!

So, with 40 years experience in studying, directing, recording, playing & performing guitar plus vocals in a variety of places in the UK & Europe; you can rest assured that, I will be able to plan with you a personal action plan that’ll help you to learn guitar in Barry. So whether you’re looking for a respected, highly experienced professional guitarist here in Barry for you, your child/children or someone you care about, I can help; just get in touch with your initial enquiry & I will get back to you.

I’ve taught guitar & music theory online through Master Guitar Play & many other guitar membership sites & locally to 1-2-1 guitar students in Barry via guitar lessons in Barry Adult Education, via my own groups of students, & the hugely popular 1-2-1 guitar lessons in Barry.

Students have travelled from as far as London, for my expert guitar tuition. Student groups include: children, 6th form A level Music students, young people, college students, degree students, beginner guitarists, experienced guitarists, advanced guitarists, a footballer, teachers, company directors, music composers, actors, singer/song writers, recording artists & who knows maybe you too…

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Learn Guitar In Barry With Paul Gronow, Topics Include…

  1. Learn guitar just for fun in Barry Vale of Glamorgan
  2. Learn guitar to play live
  3. Learn guitar for a particular purpose, an event, a career
  4. Learn your favourite songs
  5. Guitar basics, holding the guitar, parts of the guitar, frets, strings, notes
  6. Chord charts, learn about chords & their types, form chords, play chords
  7. Chord progressions, study & play a variety of popular chord progressions
  8. Rhythm charts, learn to play a variety of popular rhythm patterns
  9. Playing with a band, MP3 backing tracks & PDFs exercise sheets
  10. Essential guitar theory toolkit, learn about the essential must-have guitar theory
  11. Understand music theory & guitar tab; learn your notes on your guitar fretboard
  12. Learn about scale, chord relationship, i.e. chromatic scale, scale templates, chord templates
  13. Scales shape music; get creative with scale & chord study
  14. Learn about the 8 elements that help shape musical styles such as: rock, blues, jazz, funk…
  15. Create moods, with Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, Mixolydian, Aeolian & Locrian Modes
  16. Music composition; write a song with scales, modes, modal interchange & pitch axis
  17. Learn to play rhythm guitar on either acoustic or electric guitar
  18. Learn to play by ear
  19. Build a busker repertoire
  20. Learn to play lead guitar for fun or like a pro
  21. Learn about guitar effects
  22. Record your music (create your own CD)
  23. Don’t see your idea listed? Then please get in touch…

Okay so if you’re looking to learn guitar in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan or North Cardiff area; please use the contact details below to get in touch with me, Paul Gronow. I look forward to hearing from you very soon.

Paul Gronow Guitar Teacher Barry, Vale Of Glamorgan

1-2-1 Guitar Lesson Details in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

Paul Gronow Registry Of Guitar Tutors Member (RGT)

Registry of Guitar Tutors

1-2-1 Guitar Lessons here in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan.

Available Lesson Days: Monday & Thursday Evenings

Lesson Start Time: 6pm, 7pm, 8pm, 9pm

Lesson Duration: 55 Mins for all Guitar Lessons in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

Price For All Students: £20 per Guitar Lesson

Block Booking Price: Purchase a Block of 10 Guitar Lessons for just £185 (as often as you want)

Resources: You'll receive original study notes, backing tracks, exercises & expert guitar tuition

Phone Number: Phone Paul Gronow on Barry 01446 720511

E-mail: Paul Gronow on [email protected]

Paul Gronow BA (Hons) HRM, FAETC, ECDL Expert, Registry Of Guitar Tutors Member.

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We have:
tick_imagePublic liability

Hire Paul Gronow For Session Guitar Contracts

Hi, Paul Gronow here, over & above teaching guitar online & locally in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan, I'm available for recording & playing in your Band:

  1. To Record Lead, Rhythm & Bass Guitar on your Musical Project
  2. Play Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar, Bass Guitar or Keyboard in your Band

Paul Gronow Self-employed Guitarist & Guitar Teacher in Barry, Vale of Glamorgan

Testimonials From Guitar Students Of Paul Gronow

I went to Paul for help with my guitar playing during my A levels for assistance with my recital. During this time Paul helped me transform my playing, my approach to theory and helped me further my writing skills by showing me methods of composition that introduced new levels of creativity to my music. As well as this, with his expert guidance, I was able to achieve an A in my music A Level, with 118/120 for my recital.

Nick Parry
Nick Parry Singer-Songwriter, Musician, Barry, The Vale of Glamorgan

As a growing Singer-Songwriter, I received a number of professional guitar lessons at Paul Gronow’s studio; where Paul was able to quickly identify my requirements, along with potential barriers & set an individual guitar study guide that helped me master acoustic guitar – to the point where I could use my guitar whilst playing live!  Paul has helped me instil confidence & competence in my guitar play. I am still developing, but what Paul did was give me all the tools I need to be awesome at guitar! Currently, I’m using the resources I have from Paul and I’m singing & playing my guitar in Australia on mission & would highly recommend Paul Gronow to you, both for his amazing teaching ability & his guitar expertise.

Jade Jordan
Jade Jordan Singer-Songwriter, Guitarist, Australia

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