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With over 40 years experience in playing, studying, teaching guitar & music theory, I Paul Gronow have teamed up with Udemy ( is a platform or marketplace for online learning) in creating a comprehensive online predominately HD video-based guitar course that'll take my students on an amazing journey from the very basics of guitar to advanced guitar & any where in between! So no matter whether you're new to guitar or have been playing guitar for years & want to get to grips with particular aspects of guitar study or music theory, you'll gain so much from my, Paul Gronow's Udemy Guitar Course. See an overview of the Course Content below...

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I'm currently working hard at creating an excellent comprehensive guitar course that'll offer you so much value, (I'm not rushing this course however, as my priority is to create a course you'll be proud of, enjoy using, learn so much from & will want to tell others about).

How Much Will Paul Gronow's Udemy Guitar Course Cost?

Paul Gronow's Udemy Guitar Course will be competitively priced (initially under £100) however you don't have to worry about that at all if you act today!

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Please complete this Free Udemy Coupon Request if you are serious about either learning to play guitar (as a beginner), or you already play guitar but want to learn any of the topics found below.

This course will offer you many hours of study with high quality video, audio, backing tracks, downloadable pdf & quizzes & offer you a discussions area where you can help & be helped by myself & your fellow students...

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I really hope to hear from you today & hope that we get to have a lot of fun learning guitar together for years to come.

Yours In Music,

Paul Gronow BA (Hons) HRM, FAETC, RGT Member, Udemy Instructor.

Paul Gronow's Udemy Guitar Course Will Include:

(Yes All This Will Be In One Course!)

  1. Personal Guitar Study Action Plan
  2. Types Of Guitar
  3. Role Of Guitarists
  4. Guitar Anatomy
  5. Tuning A Guitar
  6. Restringing A Guitar
  7. Guitar Chord Charts
  8. Guitar Chord Toolkit
  9. Chord Progressions
  10. Rhythm Charts
  11. Rhythm Exercises
  12. Guitar Music Theory
  13. Guitar Tabs
  14. Music Notation
  15. Fretboard Note Patterns
  16. Playing Other People’s Music
  17. Unleash The Power Of Power Chords
  18. The Eight Element That Make Up A Musical Style
  19. Style Backing Tracks, Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk, Country, Reggae
  20. 35 Movable Chord Shapes
  21. The Lead Guitar Toolkit
  22. Get To Grips With The Modes
  23. Get To Grips With Scales
  24. Bonus Section On Music Composition Using Scales, Modes, Three Modal Interchange Methods & Pitch Axis
  25. 10 Ways To Make Money With Your Guitar

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